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1. Only 25% Of Federal Government Money Programs Have An Income Requirement For Getting The Money
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3. SBA Had An Extra $1 Billion No One Applied For Short Of Budget, the free business money nobody claimed!
4. Seniors Making Over $150Mil Receive 200% More In Benefits (grants) Than Seniors Making Less Than $15K
5. 4 Million People are Eligible For An Extra $1K/yr Grant But Don't Apply
6. People Making Over $100K Get More In Grant Money For College Than People Making Less Than $100K
7. 10 Million Families Are Eligible For Up To A $4K Grant Per Year For Groceries But Don't Apply
8. 6 Million Families Are Eligible For Free Health Insurance For Kids But Don't Apply
9. 800K Students Are Eligible For College Grants But Don't Apply
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12. A 4-page Form Gets You A $3K Grant To Fix Up Your Home
13. 29 Million Are Eligible For Free Health Exams But Don't Apply
14. $673 Million In Unclaimed Child Support Payments Sitting Waiting In Government Offices
15. Only 50% Of Small Business Grants Available After 911 Attacks Was Used One Year Later
16. 55% Who Applied For Government Money For A Business Got It
17. The IRS Will Send 3.5 Million Families A Check (grant) For Up To $4,300 If They Only Ask
18. Up To 1 Million People Were Eligible For A $7K Grant But Did Not Apply
19. 66% Of Americans Believe There're Eligible For Government Benefits They Don't Know About
20. 81% of Americans Believe The Government Is NOT Doing A Good Job Of Telling About
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