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Community Action For Spiritual and Emotional Needs

Charity Scams In the Wake of Terrorist Attacks
Worried About Family and Friends Abroad? Will You Be Traveling Abroad?
Family Assistance
Help In Virginia
Assistance For Cantor Fitzgerald Families
Catholic Charities To Help Disaster Victims
Free Air Travel for Patients and Their Families
United Methodist Church Offers Pastoral Care & Assistance

Free DNA Testing For Victims' Families
Air Care Assistance
Support Resources for Senior Americans
JASA Offers Assistance to Jewish Senior Citizens affected by Tragedy

Free Newsletter for Grandparents Who Are Raising Their Grandchildren

Free Advice on Funerals and Grief Relief
Help for Crime Victims
Baptist Aid
Fund Established to Aid Victims in the Washington, D.C. area
Free United States Flags for Victims of Terrorist Attacks
Disaster Relief on the Web
Community Action Agencies
Catholic Charities
Salvation Army
Virginia Support Services For Victims
Support Services in Washington, D.C.
Support Services For New Jersey Victims
Support Services For New York Victims
Emergency Food/Shelter
National Organization For Victim Assistance (NOVA)
Excused Absence and Assistance to Federal Employees Affected by the Attacks
Free Groceries for New Jersey Residents
Free Support Services for Family Members of Victims
Free Computers and Technology Training
Website with Legislative Updates
Assistance for Contacting Government Agencies and Congressional Representatives
Emotional, Physical, and Financial Services for Philadelphia Residents
24-Hour Victims Hotline
Free Assistance with Grief, Living Expenses and Day Care
Free Food for Long Islanders
Free Food for NYC Residents
Free Food for New Yorkers
Free Food for DC Residents
Free Food For New Jersey Residents
Money, Medical Care and Job Training for Federal Employee Victims
Oklahoma City Survivors Offer Support to Other Victims
Free Help for Locating Missing WTC Victims
Grants for Burial Expenses Related to Pentagon Disaster
Free Pre-school and After School Programs for NYC Residents
Money For Your Invention
State Sources For Inventors
$1 Billion To Work On Ideas
Invention Assistance

Community Action For Spiritual and Emotional Needs
Adventist Community Services offers free intervention for victims of disasters. The emotional and spiritual needs of these individuals, their relatives and neighbors are addressed through door-to-door visitation and "listening posts" staffed by trained lay pastoral workers. These services offer useful information about the full spectrum of disaster services and agencies and provide a forum for them to ask questions, emotional support, and spiritual guidance. Contact Adventist Community Services, 12501 Old Columbia Pike, Silver Spring, MD 20910; 301-680-6438; {}.
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Charity Scams In the Wake of Terrorist Attacks
Unbelievable but true-within hours of September 11 attack, scam artists were already working the internet seeking to rip off Americans anxious to do something to help. AOL has posted a story from CNET on how some of these heartless operators work. Check out before you send anything to any organization purporting to help victims on the Internet.
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Worried About Family and Friends Abroad? Will You Be Traveling Abroad?
The State Department has updated its advisories for Americans abroad in light of the September 11th attack. Before you go overseas, or if you are concerned about loved ones abroad, check the web site for the most up-to-date information. In some cases, American embassies may be shut down while they are revamping security.

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Family Assistance
You can connect to the Department of Justice's OVC's Family Assistance Call Center at 800-331-0075 or [] if you are a family member or a victim affected by the tragic events. The Office of Crime Victims asks that you not call looking for friends or employees so that they can devote their full efforts to helping immediate family. Contact U.S. Department of Justice, Office for Victims of Crime, 810 7th St., NW, Washington, DC 20531; {}.
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Help In Virginia
Governor Jim Gilmore of Virginia has established the Terrorism Victims Helpline at 866-827-3543 to assistance those effected by the attack on the Pentagon. Services available to victims include funeral expenses, medical treatment, mental health counseling, assistance with loss of support, and special needs such as wheel chair ramps, home renovation, and more. Please contact the Helpline for assistance.

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Assistance For Cantor Fitzgerald Families
The Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund has been established to provide emergency, short-term financial assistance and emotional and mental health support for families of Cantor Fitzgerald employees who were victims of the World Trade Center disaster. Funds will also be provided for ongoing assistance such as childcare, college tuition and long-term health care. Contact Crisis Center is Located at The Plaza Hotel, Grand Ball Room, 59th & 5th Avenue, Sat, Sun & Mon., 10AM to 6PM; For Grief Counseling: 800-554-6931 (24 hours a day).
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Catholic Charities To Help Disaster Victims
Catholic Charities USA, one of the nation's largest, private networks of people helping people, is mobilizing to help victims and their families recover from the devastation in New York, Washington, DC, and Pennsylvania. Some of the services offered are adoption, grief counseling, food and housing. Contact Rev. Msgr. James J. Murray
Executive Director, Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York, 1011 First Avenue, New York, NY 10022; 212-371-1000, ext.2400; 212-826-8795; {}.

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Free Air Travel for Patients and Their Families and its related help-line serves to make referrals and provide assistance for any financially challenged patient needing to travel to a distant specialized medical facility for evaluation, diagnosis, or treatment. Patients and their accompanying family members may make multiple trips back and forth to distant specialized care and there is no age limit. If the travel distance is 1000 miles or less, a referral will be made to an Angel Flight America program where 4000 volunteer pilots are available to provide private or corporate aircraft travel at no cost. If the patient must travel more than 1000 miles or is unable to fly on light aircraft, a referral is made to the most appropriate, charitable airline ticket program. These programs provide free or highly discounted reduced-rate tickets. The National Patient Ticket HELPLINE is staffed Monday through Friday 9 a.m. -5 p.m. Eastern time. After hours, a message recorder is available and response time is 10 minutes, if the message is urgent. Contact, Mercy Medical Airlift, 4620 Haygood Road, Suite 1, Virginia Beach, VA 23455; 757-318-9174; 800-296-1217 (toll-free); Fax: 757-318-9107; National Patient Ticket HELPLINE: 1-800-325-8908; {}; {}.
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United Methodist Church Offers Pastoral Care & Assistance
The United Methodist Committee on Relief is offering pastoral care to traumatized survivors, rescue workers, news media staff, family members, and the thousands of neighbors who witnessed the tragedy and its ongoing aftermath. UMCOR will provide assistance for individuals who have lost their employment and/or housing due to the catastrophe. Other response plans include joining with national Arab-American organizations to encourage peace and cooperation throughout the United States, working with communities to generate projects that promote peacebuilding, and offering workshops on caring for children in the wake of trauma in communities across the country. Contact United methodist Committee on Relief at 800-841-1235; {}.
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Free DNA Testing For Victims' Families
LabCorp, one of the world's largest clinical laboratories, is offering free DNA testing for families of victims of the World Trade Center disaster. For an appointment or to locate one of LabCorp's Patient Service Centers, call toll-free 1-888-520-6952; {}.
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Air Care Assistance
The Air Care Alliance is a nationwide organization of those pilots who volunteer to fly to provide assistance for health care, patient transportation or other volunteer missions. The website provides a listing of programs providing medical transportation, non-patient transports, and ways to volunteer. To locate information on the program near you, contact Air Care Alliance, 6202 South Lewis Ave., Suite F2, Tulsa, OK 74136; 918-745-0384; 888-260-9707; {}.
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Support Resources for Senior Americans
The Eldercare Locator, a public service of the Administration on Aging, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is a nationwide assistance service designed to help older persons and their caregivers locate local support resources for aging Americans. They offer information on how to locate a wide variety of services such as meals, home care, transportation, housing alternatives, home repair, and legal and other community services. For information on these services call toll-free, Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern time. After hours, a message recorder is available for the caller to leave a name and a telephone number. Contact The Eldercare Locator; 800-677-1116; {}; {}.
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JASA Offers Assistance to Jewish Senior Citizens affected by Tragedy
The Jewish Association for Services for the Aged (JASA) provides comprehensive social services for the elderly in New York City, Nassau, and Suffolk Counties. JASA has 26 centers that offer seniors direct assistance, including in-home visits, Glatt kosher meals are also available for elderly and displaced people, as well as offering limited financial assistance for seniors affected by the recent terrorist attacks. Contact: Sally & Henry Peace; Helpline: 212-273-5272 for a location of the nearest center.
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Free Newsletter for Grandparents Who Are Raising Their Grandchildren
The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) publishes a newsletter entitled "Parenting Grandchildren: A Voice for Grandparents". It is available free of charge from the AARP Grandparent Information Center. The newsletter contains supportive information for grandparents who are raising their grandchildren, as well as information for professionals who support the families. Information is included on topics such as financial help, legal issues, healthcare, insurance, and childcare. Contact AARP Grandparent Information Center, 601 E Street NW, Washington, DC 20049; 202-434-2296; 800-424-3410; Fax: 202-434-6466; {}; {}
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Free Advice on Funerals and Grief Relief
The National Funeral Directors Association maintains a web site with useful information for those having to plan a funeral including a list of member funeral homes, guidance on funeral home pricing, and articles on grief relief. Contact National Funeral Directors Association, 13625 Bishops Drive, Brookfield, WI 53005; 800-228-6332; Fax: 262-789-6977; {}; {}; {}; (for list of funeral homes and pricing); {} (for articles on handling grief).
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Help for Crime Victims
The National Center for Victims of Crime is dedicated to helping victims of crimes rebuild their lives. They offer toll-free help lines, a lawyer referral service, support counselors and referrals to support services. A unique service is they provide a section on their web site that gives victims tips on interviewing with the media. Contact National Center for Victims of Crime, 2000 M St. NW #480, Washington, DC 20036; 800-FYI-CALL; Fax: 202-467-8701; {}; {}.
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Baptist Aid
The Baptist World Aid provides food, shelter, blankets, medicines and other forms of assistance to those who suffered a natural or man-made disaster. Assistance can include the rebuilding of homes and churches once the immediate needs are met. For more information contact Baptist World Aid, 405 N. Washington St., Falls Church, VA 22046; 703-790-8980; Fax: 703-893-160; {}.
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Fund Established to Aid Victims in the Washington, D.C. area
The Community Foundation of the National Capital Region (CFNCP) provides grant monies to nonprofit organizations in the Washington, D.C. area. In the wake of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack, "The Survivors Fund" has been established by the CFNCP and will focus on the long-term education, health, income maintenance and other needs of individual victims and their families in the Washington, D.C. area. Contact Community Foundation of the National Capital Region, 1112 16th St., N.W. #340, Washington, DC 20036; 202-955-5890; {}.
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Free United States Flags for Victims of Terrorist Attacks
The United States Congress will provide free U.S. flags to surviving victims and survivors of victims of the terrorist attacks. They will receive a flag that has been flown over the U.S. Capitol. Individuals should contact their Representative in the United States House to receive a flag. Accompanying the flag will be a certificate expressing the regrets of Congress, signed by the Speaker of the House and their Representative. Contact Committee of House Administration, Chairman, Robert W. Ney, Ohio-R. To locate phone number of your Representative, go to {}; look in the blue pages of your phone book, or call the capitol at 202-224-3121.
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Disaster Relief on the Web
The Disaster Relief website is a joint effort of the American Red Cross, CNN and IBM to provide an easy exchange of information on the internet. This site will tell you how you can volunteer your help or search for loved ones. They will provide updates on relief efforts. In addition, there are brochures and other information on disaster preparedness. Check them out at {}.
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Community Action Agencies
Nearly 1,000 agencies around the country received funds from the U.S. Government's Community Services Block Grants to offer education, counseling, employment, training, food packages, vouchers, weatherization and utility assistance, life skills, affordable housing, transportation, furnishings, recreation, emergency services, information and referral services. To locate an agency serving your area, contact: National Association Of Community Action Agencies. 1100 17th St., NW, Suite 500, Washington, DC 20036; 202-265-7546; Fax: 202-265-8850; {}.
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Catholic Charities
Over 14,000 local organizations offer a variety of services for many different communities including: child care, elderly services, emergency financial services, emergency shelter, food pantries, housing assistance, job training, out-of-home care, parenting education, youth services, rental assistance, utility assistance, and health care. For an office near you, contact Catholic Charities USA, 1731 King Street #200, Alexandria, VA 22314; 703-549-1390; Fax: 703-549-1656; {}.
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Salvation Army
Families in need can receive a wide range of services including: utility assistance, transitional housing, emergency food, furnishings, Section 8 tenant counseling, counseling, rent or mortgage assistance, and even clothing. Most services are for households who are below 150% of the poverty level (about $24,000 for family of 4). For an office near you, contact Salvation Army National Headquarters, 615 Slaters Lane, P.O. Box 269, Alexandria, VA 22313; 703-684-5500; Fax: 703-684-3478; {}.
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Virginia Support Services For Victims
Christian Relief Services of Virginia and its affiliates, provide transitional housing and support services for homeless individuals and families in the Fairfax County Virginia area. In addition to direct services, this organization connects the vast resources of America through collaboration and partnership formed with grass roots charitable groups, churches and human services agencies, empowers local volunteers to help those in need in their own communities and enables people to help themselves. Contact Christian Relief Services, 8815 Telegraph Road, Lorton, VA 22079; 800-33-RELIEF; 703-550-2472; {}.
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Support Services in Washington, D.C.
Central Union Mission is a non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C. that provides needy residents with job skill training programs, prepared meals services, a community food pantry, and long-term recovery/rehabilitation services. Contact Central Union Mission, 1350 R Street NW, Washington, DC 20009; 202-745-7118; {}.
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Support Services For New Jersey Victims
*Market Street Mission is a non-profit organization established to help people in need. Among other services, this organization provides job skill training programs, prepared meals, a community food pantry, long-term recovery/rehabilitation services, a computerized academic program, and a thrift shop. Contact Market Street Mission, 9 Market Street, Morristown, NJ 07966; 973-993-2871; {}.

*The Goodwill Rescue Mission is a non-profit organization established to help people in need. This organization provides job skill training programs, prepared meals, a community food pantry, long-term recovery/rehabilitation services, a computerized academic program, thrift shop, support services, chapel services, medical clinic, community/neighborhood outreach, and many other related services. Contact Goodwill Rescue Mission, 79 University Avenue, Newark, NJ 07102; 973-621-9560; {}.
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Support Services For New York Victims
*The New York City Rescue Mission is a non-profit organization established to help people in need. The Mission provides job skill training programs, prepared meals, a community food pantry, long-term recovery/rehabilitation services, and many other related services. Contact New York City Rescue Mission, 90 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10013; 212-226-6214; {}.

*St. Paul's House is a non-profit organization established to help people in need. The Mission provides job skill training programs, prepared meals, a community food pantry, long term recovery/rehabilitation services, and many other related services. Contact St. Paul's House, 335 W. 51st Street, New York, NY 10019; 212-265-5433; {}.

*Help Through United Way
United Way of New York City can direct those in need to emergency shelter, food banks, emotional support and more. They have established a special fund where people can contribute money to help those affected by the terrorist attacks. For more information and assistance contact United Way of New York City, 2 Park Ave., New York, NY 10016; 800-710-8002; 212-251-2500; {}.
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Emergency Food/Shelter
The Emergency Food/Shelter National Board Program supplements the work of local social service organizations within the United States, both private and governmental, to help people in need of emergency assistance. Program funds are used to provide the following:
*Food, in the form of served meals or groceries.
*Lodging in a mass shelter or hotel.
*One month's rent or mortgage payment.
*One month's utility bill.
*Minimal repairs to allow a mass feeding or sheltering facility to function during the program year.
*Equipment necessary to feed or shelter people, up to a $300 limit per item.
Contact Emergency Food/Shelter National Board Program, 701 North Fairfax Street, Suite 310, Alexandria, VA 22314-2064; 703-706-9660 ; Fax: 703-706-6977; {}; {}.
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National Organization For Victim Assistance (NOVA)
The National Organization for Victim Assistance has dispatched Crisis Response Teams in all related areas to offer assistance in dealing with the trauma. NOVA is a is a private, non-profit, organization of victim and witness assistance programs and practitioners, criminal justice agencies and professionals, mental health professionals, researchers, former victims and survivors, and others committed to the recognition and implementation of victim rights and services. Contact NOVA, 1730 Park Road, NW, Washington, DC 20010; 800-TRY-NOVA (879-6682); {}; {}.
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Excused Absence and Assistance to Federal Employees Affected by the Attacks
The Office of Personnel Management has set policies for those government workers affected by the September 11th attacks on the Pentagon. Depending on the situation, some workers can be excused from duty without charge to leave or loss of pay. Call 202-606-2858 or email Workers compensation benefits are available in the case where Federal employees who were injured or killed in the attacks, with expedited benefits. For information call 202-606-0788. The President has directed OPM to establish an emergency leave transfer program to assist employees affected by the disaster. Employees in an executive agency will be permitted to donate unused annual leave for transfer to employees who need additional time off from work without having to use their own paid leave. Forms for donating and receiving leave are at {}. Contact Office of Personnel Management, 1900 E Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 20415; 202-606-1800; {E-Mail:}; {}; { (memo from OPM)}.
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Free Groceries for New Jersey Residents
Center for Food Action in New Jersey Inc. supplies a week's supply of groceries for clients with a food emergency. You must have a referral from a human services provider, social service agency, clergy or school personnel to schedule an appointment. Emergency utility and housing assistance may also be available. Contact Center for Food Action in New Jersey Inc., 192 W. Demarest Avenue, Englewood, NJ 07631; 201-569-1804 ext.25; {}.
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Free Support Services for Family Members of Victims
The Department of Defense has opened a family assistance center at the Sheraton Hotel in Crystal City, VA. The center will provide a variety of services to family members of the victims of the attack on the Pentagon. The center will offer information, counseling, and support. Contact Sheraton Hotel, 1800 Jefferson Davis Highway; Family Members May Contact: 800-487-3450; 703-920-7212 .
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Free Computers and Technology Training
The National Cristina Foundation provides free computer technology and equipment to people with disabilities, students at risk and economically disadvantaged. The goal of this organization is to ensure that used computer technology resources that no longer meet an enterprise's needs are reconditioned and distributed as a tool for developing human potential. Contact National Cristina Foundation, 500 West Putnam, Greenwich, CT 06830; 203-863-9100; {Email:}; {}.
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Website with Legislative Updates
The Library of Congress offers a service, called THOMAS, which posts current legislative information on the Internet. They have recently added a page for legislation, in both the House and the Senate, directly related to the events on September 11. Contact Library of Congress, 101 Independence Ave S.E, Washington, D.C. 20540; {}.
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Assistance for Contacting Government Agencies and Congressional Representatives
Do you know who your representatives in Congress are? Do you know how to get in touch with them? Or would you like to send a letter to the President? Do you need to know how to contact any of the agencies within the national government? Perhaps you have a message to send to a national or local news agency. Direct information on not only how to do all of the above but also forms to do any of the above immediately are available all at one Website. (Except for the link provided below, the contact information listed here is for the company that powers and maintains the database service. They should not be contacted for questions regarding government and press information.) Contact Capitol Advantage, 2731-A Prosperity Ave., Fairfax, VA 22031; 703-289-4670; Fax: 703-289-4678; {}.
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Emotional, Physical, and Financial Services for Philadelphia Residents
The Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia offers a variety of services and centers to help aid those in need of all faiths. There are several family service centers in the Philadelphia area to assist with emotional, physical, and financial crisis. Contact The Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, 222 North 17th St., Philadelphia, PA 19103; 215-587-3900;
Family Service Centers - Email:
Family Services Department , 227 North 18th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103, Administrator -
Mr. Martin Frick , Phone: 215-854-7090
Northeast Philadelphia
7340 Jackson St., Philadelphia, PA 19136 , Administrator - Ms. Amy Stone,
Phone: 215-624-5920
Bucks County
Levittown- 100 Levittown Pkwy., Levittown, PA 19054, Administrator - Ms. Marguerite Powers, Phone: 215-945-2550
Warminster- 607 W. Street Rd. , Warminster, PA 18966
Chester County
Downingtown- 141 East Lancaster Avenue, Downingtown, PA 19335, Administrator - Mr. William Kefer, Phone - 610-269-4060
West Grove- 105 Prospect Avenue, West Grove, PA 19390, Phone: 610-269-4060
Delaware County
Springfield- 1797 S. Sproul Road, Springfield, PA 19064, Administrator: Mr. James McMaster, M.B.A., Phone: 610-328-7090
Chester City- 130 E. 7th Street, Chester, PA 19013, Phone: 610-876-9183
Montgomery County
353 E. Johnson Highway, Norristown, PA 19401, Administrator - Sr. Patricia Kelly, Phone -
Senior Adult Services
Actively involves older adults in a variety of community-based programs; offers serves for homebound elderly
227 North 18th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19013, Phone: 215-854-7070
Immigration Services
Naturalization, legal services and representation on a sliding schedule
227 North 18th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103, Administrator- Ms. Phyllis Forman, Esq., Phone: 215-854-7010
Children Services
Director of Children Services, Mr. James Amato, Phone: 215-587-0529
North Philadelphia - Casa Del Carmen
Reese and Blavis Streets, Philadelphia, PA 19140, Administrator- Mr. W. Giovanni Morante,
(215) 329-5660
Adoption Services
Prepares adults who wish to adopt children; offers assistance to young pregnant women, fathers of their children and their families; and provides post-adoption services
227 North 18th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103, Administrator- Ms. Mary Merman,
Phone: 215-854-7050
St. Vincent's Maternity Residence
104 E. Township Line Road, Havertown, PA 19083, Administrator- Sister Louise Kane, Phone: 610-446-0105
Housing/Homeless Services
Provides oversight and coordination of services and residences for homeless men, women and children. Oversees residence for single, older women
Director of Homeless and Housing Services- Mr. John M. Wagner, 222 N. 17th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103, Phone: 215-587-3589
Mercy Hospice
Emergency shelter and day programs for homeless women and children
334 S. 13th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107, Program Director: Suzanne O'Grady, L.S.W., Phone: 215-271-5166
St. John's Hospice
Emergency shelter and day services program for homeless men.
1221 Race Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107, Program Director: Reverend Kevin Lawrence, Phone: 215-563-7763
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24-Hour Victims Hotline
Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Rockville Centre, NY is offering a 24-hour hotline where callers can be connected to counseling, emergency financial assistance, and other services. The agency is also working with Catholic Health Services and the Office of Family life to provide long-term counseling. Contact Catholic Charities, Public Affairs and Development, 90 Cherry Lane, Hicksville, NY 11801-6299; 516-733-7037; {}.
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Free Assistance with Grief, Living Expenses and Day Care
The Catholic Charities Disaster Response Centers are assisting disaster victims, recovery workers and their families. Services provided include: grief and crisis counseling, financial assistance/rent mortgage, utilities, medical bills, etc., advocacy and entitlements counseling, support to schools in coping with the needs of both staff and children, and emergency day care (a safe place to take children so parents can deal with paper work, doctors, job search, etc.). Check out the website at {}.
•Brooklyn West Family Center, 191 Joralemon Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201, Contact: Gregory Rideout, 718-722-6001 , E-mail:
•Brooklyn East Family Center, 1987 Flatbush Avenue, (Entrance on Flatlands Avenue, 2nd Floor), Brooklyn, NY 11234, Contact: Betsy Smith, 718-677-9848
•Flatlands Guidance Center, 2000 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11234, Contact:Ted Rado,
•Office of Pastoral Care, Bereavement Services, 191 Joralemon Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201, Contact: Ingrid Seunarine, 718-722-6214
•Queens North Family Center, 23-40 Astoria Boulevard, Astoria, NY 11102, Contact: Sister Mary George Barlow, 718-726-9790
•Queens South Family Center, 90-39 189th Street, Hollis, NY 11423, Contact: Maria Passadino, 718-217-1440
Corona Elmhurst Clinic, 37-22 82nd Street, Jackson Heights, NY 11372, Contact: Adriana Passini, 718-779-1600
•Rockaway Mental Health Clinic, 13-29 Beach Channel Drive, Far Rockaway, NY 11691, Contact: Ellen Shuman, 718-337-6800, 718-471-7586
•Woodside Clinic, 61-20 Woodside Avenue, Woodside, NY 11377, Contact: Harriet Herman,
•Glendale Guidance Center, 67-29 Myrtle Avenue, Glendale, NY 11385, Contact: Barbara Petty, 718-456-7001
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Free Food for Long Islanders
Long Island Cares was founded in 1980 by the late singer/activist Harry Chapin in response to the immediate needs of hungry Long Islanders. Long Island Cares' goals are to provide emergency food where and when it is needed and to sponsor programs that help families achieve self-sufficiency. Contact Long Island Cares Inc., P.O. Box 1330, West Brentwood, NY 11717; 631-435-1936; {}.
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Free Food for NYC Residents
Food for Survival solicits, collects, warehouses, and distributes food to a wide range of community feeding programs throughout the five boroughs of New York City. An individual can obtain food at a food pantry, soup kitchen, day-care center, senior centers, or at a youth center in the area. Contact Food for Survival, Inc., Hunts Point, 335 Food Center Drive, New York, NY 10474; 718-991-4300; {}.
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Free Food for New Yorkers
City Harvest, a non-profit organization founded in 1982, is the largest and oldest food rescue program in the world. City Harvest is committed to feeding hungry people in New York City using a variety of innovative, practical and cost effective methods. City Harvest, 575 8th Avenue, 4th floor, New York, NY 10018; 917-351-8700; {}.
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Free Food for DC Residents
Capitol Area Food Bank is the largest public, non-profit food and nutrition education resource in the Washington, DC area. Through their network of more than 700 member feeding programs, this bank provides food to needy families and families in crisis in the greater metro area. Contact Capitol Area Food Bank, 645 Taylor Street NE, Washington, DC 20017; 202-526-5344; {}.
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Free Food For New Jersey Residents
As a member of New Jersey Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster, the Community Food Bank of New Jersey works closely with the Federal Emergency Management Administration, the NJ Office of Emergency Management, the Salvation Army, Red Cross and distributes ready-to-eat food, stews, beverages, and paper plates.
-Community Food Bank of New Jersey, 31 Evans Terminal Road, Hillside, NJ 07205,
-Food Bank of South Jersey, 1501 John Tipton Blvd., Pennsauken, NJ 08110, 856-662-4884,
-Food Bank of Monmouth & Ocena Counties, 516 Passaic Avenue, Spring Lake, NJ 08762,
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Money, Medical Care and Job Training for Federal Employee Victims
Federal civilian employees who were injured while on duty from the World Trade Center /Pentagon attacks or subsequent rescue operations are covered by the Federal Employees' Compensation Act. Surviving spouses of Federal employees and dependent children are also entitled to benefits, as are rescue workers who have been deputized by the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA). Federal employees with traumatic injuries are entitled to up to 45 days of continued pay, and after that can receive up to 75 percent of their salary as long as they are disabled. The compensation also includes all necessary medical care for the effects of injury and vocational rehabilitation as needed. Survivors are entitled to between 50 - 75 percent of the deceased employee's pay, based on the number of dependents. Search and rescue workers, when deputized by FEMA, are entitled to the same benefits as Federal workers for injuries while involved in the emergency activities. To Obtain Forms and Filing Claims: 866-999-3322; New York Claims From WTC; 212-337-2037; Claims Can Be Faxed To: 212-337-2663.
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Oklahoma City Survivors Offer Support to Other Victims
The Oklahoma City National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism is dedicated to preventing and reducing terrorism and mitigating its effects. Originally incorporated, on September 23, 1999, as a non-profit corporation in Oklahoma and recognized as a charitable organization by the Internal Revenue Service, MIPT grew out of the desire of the survivors and families of the Murrah Federal Building bombing of April 19, 1995 to have a living memorial. They intend to honor that desire by doing what they can to try to prevent other cities from living through what Oklahoma City had to live through. MIPT has created a web page for targeted information on the attacks. It includes emergency numbers, links to government agencies, news organizations, and laws/directives from the White House and Congress, as well as information on how they are fighting, and trying to prevent terrorism. Contact MIPT, P.O. Box 889, Oklahoma City, OK 73101; 405-232-5121; 800-542-HOPE; {}.
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Free Help for Locating Missing WTC Victims
The information on this web site has been provided by the hospitals of New York-New Jersey metropolitan area to the New York City Mayor's Officer OF Emergency Management (OEM) for the purpose of identifying those individuals who have been seen in area emergency departments in connection with the recent terrorists attacks on the World Trade center. The information is being provided to facilitate the location of individuals affected by the disaster. Attempts are being made to update the information at regular intervals. Given the disaster circumstances under which the information is being provided, neither the hospitals, OEM, nor Greater New York Area Hospital Association, which helped create the website have had the opportunity to take steps to independently validate the information and are not responsible for any inaccuracies, misspelling of names, or incomplete information. Check out the website at {}.
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Grants for Burial Expenses Related to Pentagon Disaster
Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington, VA has established a fund to aid Northern Virginia families making funeral arrangements for a loved one. Speak with the funeral directors or pastors about obtaining a grant from Pentagon Victims' Funeral Fund. Contact Pentagon Victims' Funeral Fund, 200 North Glebe Rd., Suite 506, Arlington, VA 22203; 703-841-2767; Fax: 703-524-5028; {Email:}; {}.
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Free Pre-school and After School Programs for NYC Residents
Goddard Riverside Community Center serves all ages from pre-school to the elderly. Some of the services are: pre-school programs, day care centers, a youth center (after school and evening programs for children and youth), options program (career and educational counseling for teens and adults), and holiday meals on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Contact Goddard Riverside Community Center, 593 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY 10024; 212-873-6600; {}.
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Money For Your Invention
If you have a great idea and want to turn it into reality, don't rush out and spend what could be thousands of dollars for a private invention company and a patent attorney. You can get a lot of this help for free or at a fraction of the cost. There is a lot of help out there; university-sponsored programs, not-for-profit groups, state affiliated programs, profit-making companies, etc. Depending on the assistance and the organization, some services are free, others have reasonable fees. Many of the inventors' organizations hold regular meetings where speakers share their expertise on topics such as licensing, financing and marketing. These groups are a good place for inventors to meet other inventors, patent attorneys, manufacturers, and others with whom they can talk and from whom they can get help.
You can contact one of the following organizations for help:
1. Small Business Development Center, Washington State University, Parkplace Building, 1200 6th Ave., Suite 1700, Seattle, WA 98101, 206-553-7328, Fax: 206-553-7044,
This service will evaluate your idea for a fee. They also provide counseling services and can assist you with your patent search.
2. Wisconsin Innovation Service Center/Technology, Small Business Development Center,
Ms. Debra Malewicki, Director, University of Wisconsin - Whitewater, 402 McCutchan Hall, Whitewater, WI 53190, 414-472-3217, Fax: 414-472-1600
The only service that is guaranteed is the evaluation. However, efforts are made to match inventors with exceptional high evaluation scores with manufacturers seeking new product ideas. (They do not offer direct invention development or marketing services). WISC charges a $495 flat fee for an evaluation. The goal is to keep research as affordable as possible to the average independent inventor. Most evaluations are completed within 30 - 45 days. Inventions from specialized fields may require more time. WISC also provides preliminary patent searches via online databases to client.
3. Drake University, Small Business Development Center, Mr. Benjamin C. Swartz, Director, Drake Business Center, 2507 University, Des Moines, IA 50311-4505, 1-800-532-1216, 515-271-2655, Fax: 515-271-1899,
INVENTURE is a program of the Drake University Business Development and Research Institute designed to encourage the development of valid ideas through the various steps to becoming marketable items. INVENTURE has no paid staff. The entire panel is made up of volunteers. The administration of the program is handled by existing staff from the Small Business Development Center and the College of Business and Public Administration. They will review items from any person regardless of their place of residence. They will review a product idea and check it for market feasibility. INVENTURE may link individuals with business and/or financial partners.
INVENTURE screens every product submitted, but will not consider toy/game or food items. Products are evaluated on 33 different criteria, (factors related to legality, safety, business risk, and demand analysis, to market acceptance/ competition). It normally takes up to 6 weeks to receive results of the evaluation. Evaluators are experienced in manufacturing, marketing, accounting, production, finance and investments. INVENTURE acts in a responsible manner to maintain confidence of an idea, but cannot guarantee confidentiality. For assistance with business plans, financial projections, and marketing help, you're encouraged to contact your Small Business Development Center (SBDC).
4. U.S. Department of Energy, Mail Stop EE-24, 1000 Independence Ave., SW, Washington, DC 20585, 202-586-1478, Fax: 202-586-7114,
Financial assistance is available at 2 levels: up to $40,000 and up to $200,000 by the Inventions and Innovations program as stated by the Office of Industrial Technologies (OIT) Department of Energy (DOE) for ideas that significantly impact energy savings and future commercial market potential. Successful applicants will find technical guidance and commercialization support in addition to financial assistance. DOE has given financial support to more than 500 inventions with nearly 25% of these reaching the marketplace bringing in nearly $710 million in cumulative sales.
5. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Center for Environmental Research Information, Cincinnati, OH 45260, 513-569-7562,
Directory Description: Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Research and Development, 401 M Street, SW, Washington, DC 20460; 202-260-7676, Fax: 202-260-9761
The Office of Research and Development conducts an Agency wide integrated program of research and development relevant to pollution sources and control, transport and fate processes, health/ ecological effects, measurement/ monitoring, and risk assessment. The office provides technical reviews, expert consultations, technical assistance, and advice to environmental decision-makers in federal, state, local, and foreign governments.
6. Center for Environmental Research Information
26 W. ML King Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45268, Calvin O. Lawrence, Director; 513-569-7562; Fax: 513-569-7566.
A focal point for the exchange of scientific/ technical information both within the federal government and to the public.
7. Office of Research and Development
Is responsible for working with laboratories, program offices, and regions to produce information products that summarize research, technical, regulatory enforcement information that will assist non-technical audiences in understanding environmental issues. Contact Office of Research and Development, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 401 M St., SW, Washington, DC 20460; 202-260-5767.
8. Office of Exploratory Research
Robert Menzer, Acting Director, 401 M Street, SW, Washington, DC 20460; 202-564-6849, Fax: 202-260-0450.
The Office of Exploratory Research (OER) plans, administers, manages, and evaluates the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) extramural grant research. It supports research in developing a better understanding of the environment and its problems. Main goals are: to support the academic community in environmental research; maintain scientific/ technical personnel in environmental science/ technology; to support research for the identification/solution of emerging environmental problems.
Goals are accomplished through four core programs:
1. The Research Grants Program:
Supports research initiated by individual investigators in areas of interest to the agency.
2. The Environmental Research Centers Program:
Has two components: The Academic Research Center Program (ARC) and the Hazardous Substance Research Centers Program (HSRC).
3. The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program:
Program supports small businesses for the development of ideas relevant to EPA's mission. Focuses on projects in pollution control development. Also receives 1.5% of the Agency's resources devoted to extramural Superfund research.
4. The Visiting Scientists Program:
Components are an Environmental Science and Engineering Fellows Program and a Resident Research Associateship Program. The Fellows Program supports ten mid-career post-doctoral scientists and engineers at EPA headquarters & regional offices. The Research Associateship Program attracts national and international scientists and engineers at EPA research laboratories for up to 3 years to collaborate with Agency researchers on important environmental issues.
Other programs available are:
A Minority Fellowship Program
A Minority Summer Intern Program
The Agency's Senior Environmental Employment Program (SEE)
The Federal Workforce Training Program
An Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR).
To learn more, contact Grants Administration, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 401 M St., SW, 3903E, Washington, DC 20460; 202-564-5315. The best way, though, is to search for the word "grant" at the EPA's website, {}.
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State Sources For Inventors
Below is a listing of a variety of inventors groups, listed state by state. Some organizations listed under the state where they are located are regional or national in scope. In states where there is no specific program for inventors, the Small Business Development Centers (under the U.S. Small Business Administration) can often be of help. They are usually found at the colleges and universities. The Small Business Development Center office is located at 409 Third St., SW, Suite 4600, Washington, DC 20416; 202-205-6766; {}.
-Office for the Advancement of Developing Industries, University of Alabama - Birmingham, 2800 Milan Ct., Birmingham, AL 35211, 205-934-6560
-Small Business Development Center, University of Alabama at Birmingham, 9015 15th St., Birmingham, AL 35294, 205-934-6760, Fax: 205-934-0538,
-U.S. Small Business Administration, Business Development, 2121 8th Avenue, N, Suite 200, Birmingham, AL 35203-2398, 205-731-1338, Fax: 205-731-1404,
-Alabama Technology Assistance Program, University of Alabama at Birmingham, 1717 11th, Avenue S, Suite 419, Birmingham, AL 35294, 205-934-7260, Fax: 205-934-7645
-UA Small Business Development Center of Alaska, 430 W. 7th Ave., Suite 110, Anchorage, AK 99501, 907-274-7232, Fax: 907-274-9524,
-Alaska Inventors and Entrepreneurs Association, P.O. Box 241801, Anchorage, AK 99524,
907-563-4337 (phone and fax),, Email:
-Arizona SBDC Network, 2411 West 14th Street, Tempe, AZ 85281, 480-731-8720,
Fax: 480-731-8729,
-Inventors Association of Arizona, P.O. Box 12217, Tucson, AZ 85732, 520-721-2840,
888-299-6787, Fax: 520-722-2840,, Email:
-Small Business Development Center, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, 100 S. Main, Suite 401, Little Rock, AR 72201, 501-324-9043, Fax: 501-324-9049,
-Small Business Development Center, 1410 Ethan Way, Sacramento, CA 95825, 916-563-3210, Fax: 916-563-2366,
-Inventors' Alliance, P.O. Box 281764, San Francisco, CA 94120-1764, 415-468-5156,
Fax: 415-967-0720,, Email:
-Inventors Forum, P.O. Box 8008, Huntington Beach, CA 92606, 714-540-2491,
Fax: 714-253-0951,, Email:
-Redwood Empire Small Business Development Center, 606 Healdsburg Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95401, 888-346-SBDC, 707-524-1773, Fax: 707-524-1772,, Email:
-Affiliated Inventors Foundation, Inc., 1405 Porter St., #107, Colorado Springs, CO 80909,
719-380-1234, Fax: 719-380-1144, To order free Info Kit: 800-525-5885,
-Small Business Development Center, Office of Economic Development, 1625 Broadway, Suite 1710, Denver, CO 80202, 303-892-3809, Fax: 303-892-3849,
-Rocky Mountain Inventors & Entrepreneurs, Congress (RMIC), P.O. Box 36233, Denver, CO 80236, 303-670-3760, Fax: 303-674-5338,, Email:
-Small Business Development Center, University of Connecticut, 2 Bourn Place, U-94, Storrs, CT 06269-1594, 860-486-4135, Fax: 860-486-1576,,
-The Inventors Guild, 2 Worsen Avenue, Danbury, CT 06810, 203-790-8235,, Email:
-Inventors Association of Connecticut, 9-B Greenhouse Road, Bridgeport, CT 06606-2130,
203-866-0720, Fax: 781-846-6448,, Email:
-Small Business Development Center, University of Delaware, One Innovation Way, Suite 301, Newark, DE 19711, 302-831-1555, Fax: 302-831-1423,
-Delaware Economic Development, 99 Kings Highway, Dover, DE 19901, 302-739-4271,
Fax: 302-739-5749,
District of Columbia
-U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Washington, DC 20231,
800-PTO-9199, 703-308-4357
-District of Columbia Small Business Development Center, Howard University, 2600 6th St., NW, Suite 128, Washington, DC 20059, 202-806-1550, Fax: 202-806-1777
-U.S. Small Business Administration, 2328 19th St., NW, Washington, DC 20009, 202-606-4060, Fax: 202-205-7064,
-Small Business Development Center, 1531 NW 6th St., Gainesville, FL 32606, 352-377-5621
-Small Business Development Center, University of West Florida, 1170 Martin L. King, Jr. Blvd., Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547, 850-595-5480, Fax: 850-595-5487,
-Florida SBDC Network, 19 W. Garden St., Suite 300, Pensacola, FL 32501, 850-595-6060, Fax: 850-595-6070,
-University of Central Florida, Small Business Development Center, P.O. Box 161530, Orlando, FL 32816-1530, 407-823-3073, Fax: 407-823-3073,
-Edison Inventors Association, P.O. Box 07398, Ft. Meyers, FL 33919 , 941-275-4332,
Fax: 941-267-9746, Email:
-Inventors Society of South Florida, P.O. Box 4306, Boynton Beach, FL 33424, 954-486-2426
-Tampa Bay Inventors' Council, P.O. Box 1620, St. Petersburg, FL 33731-1620, 727-866-0669 (phone and fax),, Email:
-Emerald Coast Inventors Society, 1221 Pine Tree Drive, Indian Harbour Beach, FL 32937,
-Small Business Development Center, University of Georgia, Chicopee Complex, 1180 East Broad Street, Athens, GA 30602, 706-542-7436, Fax: 706-542-6803,
-Inventor Associates of Georgia, 1608 Pelham Way, Macon, GA 31220, 912-474-6948 (phone and fax),,
-Small Business Development Center, University of Hawaii at Hilo, 200 West Kawill Street, Hilo, HI 96720, 808-974-7515, Fax: 808-974-7683,
-Idaho Research Foundation, Inc., University of Idaho, Morrill Hall 103, Moscow, ID 83844,
208-885-4550, Fax: 208-885-0105, Email:
-Small Business Development Center, Boise State University, 1910 University Drive, Boise, ID 83725, 208-426-1640
-Idaho Small Business Development Center, P.O. Box 1238, 315 Falls Ave., Twin Falls, ID 83303-1238, 208-733-9554, Fax: 208-733-9316, - click on community services
-Idaho Small Business Development Center, Lewis-Clark State College, 500 8th Ave., Lewiston, ID 83501, Fax: 208-799-2831,
-Idaho State University, Small Business Development Center, 2300 N. Yellowstone, Idaho Falls, ID 83401, 208-523-1087, Fax: 208-528-7127
-Small Business Development Center, Department of Commerce and Community Affairs, 620 East Adams St., 3rd Floor, Springfield, IL 62701, 217-524-5856, Fax: 217-785-6328,
-Small Business Development Center, Evanston Business Investment Corp., 1840 Oak Avenue, Evanston, IL 60201, 847-866-1817, Fax: 847-866-1808
-Western Illinois University, Technical Center and Small Business Development Center, Seal Hall 214, Macomb, IL 61455, Fax: 309-298-2520,
-Illinois Innovators and Inventor's Club, P.O. Box 623, Edwardsville, IL 62025, 618-656-7445
-Inventors' Council, 431 South Dearborn, Suite 705, Chicago, IL 60605 , 312-939-3329,
Fax: 312-922-7706,, Email:
-Small Business Development Center, One North Capitol, Suite 1275, Indianapolis, IN 46204, 317-246-6871, Fax: 317-264-6855,
-Indiana Inventors Association, P.O. Box 2388, Indianapolis, IN 46206, 765-674-2845,
-Small Business Development Center, Administrative Office, Iowa State University, 137 Lynn Avenue, Ames, IA 50014, 515-292-6351, Fax: 515-292-0020,
-Drake Small Business Development Center and Inventure Program, 2429 University Avenue,
Des Moines, IA 46204, 515-271-2655, Fax: 515-271-1899
-Small Business Development Center, Wichita State University, Campus Box 148, 1845 Fairmont, Wichita, KS 67260-0148, 316-978-3193, Fax: 316-978-3647,
-Inventors' Association of South Central Kansas, 2302 Amarado, Wichita, KS 67205,
316-721-1866,, Email:
-Small Business Development Center, University of Louisville, Burhans Hall, Room 137, Shelby Campus, 502-852-7854, Louisville, KY 40292, Fax: 502-852-8573
-Small Business Development Center, Kentucky Small Business Development Center, Center for Business Development, College of Business and Economics Building, 225 Business and Economics Building, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY 40506, 606-257-7668, Fax: 606-323-1907
-Kentucky Transportation Center, 176 Oliver H. Raymond Bldg., Lexington, KY 40506,
606-257-4513, Fax: 606-257-1815,
-Central Kentucky Inventors & Entrepreneurs, 117 Carolyn Drive, Nicholosville, KY 40356,
606-885-9593, Fax: 606-887-9850, Email:
-Small Business Development Center, Northeast Louisiana University, College of Business Administration, 700 University Avenue, Monroe, LA 71209, 318-342-5506, Fax: 318-342-5510
-Louisiana Department of Economic Development, P.O. Box 94185, Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9185, 225-342-3000,
-Department of Industrial Cooperation, 5717 Corbet Hall, Room 480, Orono, ME 04469-5711, 207-581-2200, Fax: 207-581-1479,
-Portland Inventors' Forum, 5717 Corbett Hall, Room 480, University of Maine, Orono, ME 04469-5717, 207-581-1488, Fax: 207-581-1479,,
-Inventions and Innovations, Department of Energy, Forrestal Building, 1000 Independence Ave., SW, Washington, DC 20585, 202-586-2079,
-Small Business Development Center, MMG, Inc., Baltimore, MD 21202, 410-333-4270,
Fax: 410-333-2552,
-Massachusetts SBDC, Salem State College, 352 Lafayette St., Salem, MA 01970, 978-542-6345
-Small Business Development Center, 205 School of Management, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA 01003, 413-545-6301, Fax: 413-545-1273
-Smaller Business Association of New England, 252 2nd Ave., Waltham, MA 02451,
781-890-9070, Fax: 781-890-4567,
-Inventors Association of New England (IANE), P.O. Box 577, Pepperal, MA 01463,
978-433-2397, Fax: 978-433-3516,, Email:
-Inventors Resource Network, P.O. Box 137, Shutesbury, MA 01072-0137, 413-259-2006,, Email:
-Worcester Area Innovators, 132 Sterling Street West, Boylston, MA 01583, 508-835-6435
-Small Business Development Center, 2727 Second Avenue, Detroit, MI 48201, 313-226-7947, Fax: 313-577-4222
-Inventors Club of America, 524 Curtis Road, East Lansing, MI 48823, 517-332-3561
-Inventor's Council of Mid-Michigan (ICMM) , 519 South Saginaw Street, Suite 200, Flint, MI 48502, 810-655-8830, Fax: 810-655-8832,, Email:
-Minnesota Project Innovation, Inc., 111 3rd Ave. S., Suite 100, Minneapolis, MN 55401-2551, 612-338-3280, Fax: 612-349-2603,
-Minnesota Inventors Congress (MIC), P.O. Box 71, Redwood Falls, MN 56283,, 507-637-2344, 800-INVENT1, Fax: 507-637-8399
-Small Business Development Center, 1125 Harmon Pl., St. Paul, MN 55403, 651-962-4500,
Fax: 651-962-4508
-Society of Minnesota Inventors, 20231 Basalt Street, Anoka, MN 55303, 612-753-2766, Email:
-Mississippi State University, Small Business Development Center, P.O. Box 5288, Mississippi State, MS 39762, 601-325-8684, Fax: 601-325-4016
-Small Business Development Center, Meridian Community College, 910 Highway 19 North, Meridian, MS 39307, 601-482-7445, Fax: 601-482-5803
-Society of Mississippi Inventors, 216 Old Chemistry Building, University of Mississippi, University, MS 38677, 800-725-7232 (MS), 601-232-5001, Fax: 601-232-5650,, Email:
-Missouri Innovation Center, 5658 Sinclare Rd., Columbia, MO 65203, 573-446-3100,
Fax: 573-443-3748
-Inventors Association of St. Louis, P.O. Box 410111, St. Louis, MO 63141, 314-432-1291
-Small Business Development Center, University of Missouri - Columbia, 1205 University Ave., Suite 1800 University Pl., Columbia, MO 65211, 573-882-7096, Fax: 573-882-9931,
-Small Business Development Center, Montana Department of Commerce, 1424 Ninth Avenue, Helena, MT 59620, 406-444-4780, Fax: 406-444-1872,
-Montana Inventors Association, 5350 Love Lane, Bozeman, MT 59715 , 406-586-1541,
Fax: 406-585-9028
-University of Nebraska - Lincoln, W 191 Nebraska Hall, Lincoln, NE 68588-0525, 402-472-5600,
-Small Business Development Center, University of Nebraska at Omaha, 60th and Dodge Street, CBA, Room 407, Omaha, NE 68182, 402-554-2521, Fax: 402-554-3473
-Association of SBDCs, 3108 Columbia Pike, Suite 300, Arlington, VA 22204, 703-271-8700,
-Nevada Small Business Center, University of Nevada - Reno, College of Business, Administration/032, Reno, NV 89557-0100, 775-784-1717, Fax: 775-784-4337,
-Nevada Small Business Center, 3720 Howard Hughes Parkway, Suite 130, Las Vegas, NV 89109, 702-734-7575, Fax: 702-734-7633,
-Inventors Society of Southern Nevada, 702-435-7741, Email:
-Nevada Inventors Association, P.O. Box 11008, Reno, NV 89506, 702-677-4824,
Fax: 702-677-4888,, Email:
New Hampshire
-Small Business Development Center, University of New Hampshire, 108 McConnell Hall, Durham, NH 03824, 603-862-2200, Fax: 603-862-4876,
-Small Business Development Center, OEI-MMC, 1001 Elm Street, Manchester, NH 03101,
603-624-2000, Fax: 603-647-4410,
-New Hampshire Inventors Association, P.O. Box 2772, Concord, NH 03302, 603-228-3854,, Email:
New Jersey
-Small Business Development Center, Rutgers University, 43 Bleeker St., Newark, NJ 07102-1913, 973-353-5621, Fax: 973-353-1030,
-Jersey Shore Inventors Club, 416 Park Place Avenue, Bradley Beach, NJ 07720, 732-776-8467, Fax: 732-776-5418, Email:
-National Society of Inventors, P.O. Box 1661, Livingston, NJ 07039, 973-994-9282,
Fax: 973-535-0777
New Mexico
-Albuquerque Invention Club, P.O. Box 30062, Albuquerque, NM 87190, 505-266-3541
-Small Business Development Center, Santa Fe Community College, 6401 Richards Ave.,
Santa Fe, NM 87505, 505-428-1343, Fax: 505-428-1469,
New York
-Small Business Development Center, State University Plaza, 41 State St., Albany, NY 12246,
518-443-5398, Fax: 518-443-5275,
-New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, Corporate Plaza West,
286 Washington Ave. Ext., Albany, NY 12203-6319, 518-862-1090, Fax: 518-862-1091,
-SUNY Institute of Technology, Small Business Development Center, P.O. Box 3050, Utica, NY 13504, 315-792-7546, Fax: 315-792-7554,
-Small Business Technical Inv. Fund, New York State Science and Technology Foundation, 30 Pearl St., Albany, NY 12210, 518-473-9741,
-Inventors Alliance of America-Rochester Chapter, 97 Pinebrook Drive, Rochester, NY 14616, 716-225-3750, Fax: 716-225-2712, Email:
-New York Society of Professional Inventors, Box 216, Farmingdale, NY 11735, 516-798-1490
North Carolina
-Small Business Development Center, University of North Carolina, 333 Fayetteville Street Mall, #1150, Raleigh, NC 27601, 919-715-7272, Fax: 919-715-7777
North Dakota
-Center for Innovation, University of North Dakota, 4300 Dartmouth Drive, Grand Forks, ND 58202, 701-777-3132, Fax: 701-777-2339,
-Small Business Development Center, 118 Gamble Hall, University of North Dakota, Box 7308, Grand Forks, ND 58202-7308, 701-777-3700, Fax: 701-777-3225,
-Inventors Council of Dayton, Mr. George Pierce, President, P.O. Box 611, Dayton, OH 45409, 937-224-8513, , Email:
-Docie Marketing, 73 Maplewood Drive, Athens, OH 45701, 740-594-5200, Fax: 740-594-4004,
-Small Business Development Center, Department of Development, 30 East Broad Street, 23rd Floor, P.O. Box 1001, Columbus, OH 43226, 614-466-2711, Fax: 614-466-0829,
-Inventors Connection of Greater Cleveland, Inc., P.O. Box 360804, Cleveland, OH 44136,
216-226-9681,, Email:
-Inventors Council of Canton, 303 55th Street, NW, North Canton, OH 44720, 330-499-1262, Email:
-Inventors Network, 1275 Kinnear Road, Columbus, OH 43212, 614-470-0144,
-Small Business Development Center, Southeastern Oklahoma State University, 517 University, Durant, OK 74701, 580-924-0277, Fax: 580-924-7071
-Inventors Assistance Program, 395 Cordell South, Stillwater, OK 74078, 405-744-8727,
Fax: 405-744-7399,
-Oklahoma Inventors Congress, 3212 NW 35th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73112, 405-947-5782, Fax: 405-947-6950, Email:
-Eastern Oregon University, Small Business Development Center, 1410 L Ave., La Grande, OR 97850, 541-962-3391, Fax: 541-962-3668
-Oregon Institute of Technology, Small Business Development Center, 3201 Campus Dr., South 314, Klamath Falls, OR 97601, 541-885-1760, Fax: 541-885-1855
-Southern Oregon University, Small Business Development Center, 332 W. 6th St., Medford, OR 97501, 541-772-3478, Fax: 541-734-4813
-Oregon Small Business Development Center, 44 W. Broadway, Suite 501, Eugene, OR 97401, 541-726-2250, Fax: 541-345-6006
-Small Business Development Center, 2701 NW Vaughn St., Portland, OR 97210, 503-978-5080, Fax: 503-222-2570,
-Oregon State Library, State Library Building, 250 Winter St., NE, Salem, OR 97310,
503-378-4277, Fax: 503-588-7119,
-Southern Oregon Inventors Council, Southern Oregon University, 332 West 6th Street, Medford, OR 97501, 541-772-3478, Fax: 541-734-4813,, Email:
-Small Business Development Center, Bucknell University, Dana Engineering Building, 1st Floor, Lewisburg, PA 17837, 570-524-1249, Fax: 570-524-1768, www.bucknell.edw/~sbdc
-Pennsylvania Small Business Development Center, Vance Hall, 4th Floor, 3733 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104, 215-898-4861, Fax: 215-898-1063,
-American Society of Inventors, P.O. Box 58426, (ATTN: Henry H. Skillman), Philadelphia, PA 19102, 215-546-6601,
-Pennsylvania Inventors Association, 2317 East 43rd, Erie, PA 16510, 814-825-5820,, Email:
Rhode Island
-Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE), c/o U.S. Small Business Administration,
380 Westinghouse, Room #511, Providence, RI 02903, 401-528-4571
-Small Business Development Center, 7 Jackson Walkway, Providence, RI 02903, 401-831-1330
-Small Business Development Center, Bryant College, 1150 Douglas Pike, Smithfield, RI 02917, 401-232-6111, Fax: 401-232-6933,
South Carolina
-Small Business Development Center, South Carolina State University, School of Business,
300 College St., Campus Box 7176, Orangeburg, SC 29117, 803-536-8445, Fax: 803-536-8066
-South Carolina Small Business Development Center, University of South Carolina,
College of Business Administration, Columbia, SC 29208, 803-777-4907, Fax: 803-777-4403
South Dakota
-Small Business Development Center, University of South Dakota, School of Business,
414 East Clark St., Vermillion, SD 57069-2390, 605-677-5287, Fax: 605-677-5427,
-Jackson State Community College, Small Business Development Center, 2046 North Parkway Street, Jackson, TN 38301, 901-424-5389, Fax: 901-425-2641
-Tennessee Inventors Association, P.O. Box 11225, Knoxville, TN 37939-1225, 865-539-4466, Fax: 865-869-8138,, Email:,
-North Texas-Dallas SBDC, Dallas Community College District, 1402 Corinth Street, Dallas, TX 75215, 214-860-5850, Fax: 214-565-5815
-Texas Tech University, Small Business Development Center, 2579 S. Loop 289, St. 114, Lubbock, TX 79423, 806-745-3973, Fax: 806-745-6207,
-Amarillo Inventors Association, 7000 West 45th Street, Suite 2, Amarillo, TX 79109,
-Houston Inventors Association, 2916 West T.C. Jester Boulevard, Suite 105, Houston, TX 77018, 713-686-7676, Fax: 713-686-7676,
-Network of American Inventors & Entrepreneurs, P.O. Box 667113, Houston, TX 77266,
713-523-3923 (voice and fax),, Email:
-Utah Small Business Development Center, 1627 S. State St., Salt Lake City, UT 84115,
801-957-3480, Fax: 801-957-3489,
-Economic and Development Office, State of Vermont, National Library Bldg., Montpelier, VT 05620-0501, 802-828-3211, Fax: 802-828-3258,
-Small Business Development Center, 60 Main St., Suite 103, Burlington, VT 05401,
802-658-9228, Fax: 802-860-1899,
-Virginia Small Business Development Center, 707 E. Main St., P.O. Box 446, Richmond, VA, 23288-0446, 804-371-8258,
-Small Business Development Center, 1001 E. Market St., Charlottesville, VA 22903,
804-295-8198, Fax: 804-295-7066,
-U.S. Department of Commerce, Patent and Trademark Office, Washington, DC 20231,
1-800-PTO-9199, 703-308-4357,
-Blue Ridge Inventor's Club, P.O. Box 6701, Charlottesville, VA 22906-6701, 804-973-3708,
Fax: 804-973-2648
-Innovation Assessment Center, 180 Nickerson St., Suite 207, Seattle, WA 98109, 206-464-5450, Fax: 206-464-6357,
-Small Business Development Center, Johnson Tower, Room 501, P.O. Box 644851, Pullman, WA 99164-4851, 509-335-6415, Fax: 509-335-0949,
-Small Business Development Center, Western Washington University, 308 Parks Hall, Bellingham, WA 98225, 360-650-3899, Fax: 360-650-4831
-Inventors Network, P.O. Box 5575, Vancouver, WA 98668, 503-239-8299
West Virginia
-Small Business Development Center, West Virginia University, 912 Main St., Oak Hill, WV 25901, 304-465-1434, Fax: 304-465-8680
-WV Small Business Development Office, 2000 7th Ave., Huntington, WV 25703-1527,
304-696-6798, Fax: 304-696-4835,
-Center for Innovation and Development, University of Wisconsin - Stout, 278 Jarvis Hall, Menomonie, WI 54751, 715-232-5026,
-Wisconsin Innovation Service Center, 402 McCutchan Hall, UW-Whitewater, Whitewater, WI 53190, 414-472-1365, Fax: 414-472-1600,
-Small Business Development Center, University of Wisconsin, 432 North Lake Street, Room 423
Madison, WI 53706, 608-263-7794, Fax: 608-263-7830,
-Wisconsin Department of Commerce, P.O. Box 7970, Madison, WI 53707, 608-266-9467,
Fax: 608-267-2829,
-Central Wisconsin Inventors Association, P.O. Box 915, Manawa, WI 54949, 920-596-3092, Email:
-Inventors Network of Wisconsin, 1066 St. Paul Street, Green Bay, WI 54304, 920-429-0331, Email:
-Small Business Development Center, 111 W. 2nd St., Suite 502, Casper, WY 82601,
-Innovative Center, 156 Columbia Street W., Waterloo, Ontario NN 26363, 519-885-5870,
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$1 Billion To Work On Ideas
The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program is a highly competitive program that encourages small businesses to explore their technological potential and provides the incentive to profit from its commercialization. Each year, ten federal departments and agencies are required to reserve a portion of their research and development funds to award to small businesses. SBIR funds the critical start-up and development stages and it encourages the commercialization of the technology, product, or service. There are three phases to the program: start-up, development, and marketplace. To learn more about how to apply and about the various agencies involved, contact Office of Technology, U.S. Small Business Administration, 409 Third St., SW, Washington, DC 20416; 202-205-6450; {}.
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Invention Assistance
Do you have a plan to develop a company based on your energy-saving invention or innovation? Have you been searching for financial and technical support to bring your idea to market? The U.S. Department of Energy's Inventions and Innovation Program can help. This program provides financial assistance for establishing technical performance and conducting early development of innovative ideas and inventions. Ideas that have a significant energy savings impact and future commercial market potential are chosen for financial support through a competitive solicitation process. In addition to financial assistance, this program offers technical guidance and commercialization support to successful applicants. For more information, contact U.S. Department of Energy, Golden Field Office, Inventions and Innovation Program, 1617 Cole Blvd., 17-3, Golden, CO 80401; 303-275-4744; {}.

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